Creators of the Method The Godoy Method has emerged over time with the development of new concepts and techniques to treat lymphedema.

  • Prof. Dr. Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy

    Prof. Dr. Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy

    Angiology and Vascular Surgery. Professor at the Department of Cardiology and Vascular Surgery of São José do Rio Preto Medical School - São Paulo - Brazil
    General Director of Godoy Clinic & Godoy & Godoy International School of Lymphatic Therapy - Brazil

    An angiologist and vascular surgeon graduated from the medical school of São José do Rio Preto in 1984. In his master\'s degree, he studied the area of hypercoagulability by evaluating the anticardiolipin antibodies in venous thrombosis and, in his doctorate, developed a vena cava filter. In his free teaching, he defended the new concepts in the treatment of lymphedema.

    Interest in lymphology arose from the need to treat patients at the Base Hospital of the Medical School of São José do Rio Preto, a regional medical referral center. However, lymphatic diseases are neglected in Brazil and in the world, causing difficulties in the management of these patients. However, it was these challenges that motivated us to seek knowledge about it in the country and in the world. During this search, my wife, Maria de Fatima, an occupational therapist, had an important idea in using rollers as a way to facilitate manual lymphatic drainage during a lesson we were witnessing from Judith Casley Smith. This insight has led us to perfect and develop a new concept of lymphatic drainage movements and a new lymphatic therapy technique. Another insight led her to identify the cervical stimulus as a new isolated way of stimulating the lymphatic system and treating lymphedema.

    Throughout these years other difficulties and challenges arose and led us to develop new products such as: containment mechanism, lymphatic drainage apparatus and devices for lymphokinetic exercises. Ten books and dozens of articles have been published on the treatment of lymphedema.

  • Prof. Dr. Maria de Fátima Guerreiro Godoy

    Prof. Dr. Maria de Fátima Guerreiro Godoy

    Occupational Therapist, Teacher of the Graduate School of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto - São Paulo - Brazil
    Coordinator of Godoy Clinic and Godoy & Godoy International Schoolof Lymphatic Therapy - São José do Rio Preto - São Paulo - Brazil

    She is an occupational therapist, post-graduate professor at the Medical School of São José do Rio Preto / SP and operational director of Clinica Godoy.

    Graduated in 1984 from the Methodist University of Piracicaba / SP, a master\'s degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, she studied in the area of Creativity and the Elderly. He began his work in the treatment of lymphedema in 1996 taking courses in Brazil and in other countries. In one of these courses there was an insight on the use of rollers as a mechanism facilitating manual lymphatic drainage and, from there, started to focus on the treatment and research of lymphedema.

    She completed her doctorate at the School of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto / SP with studies on daily life activities transformed into lymphokinetic activities for the treatment of lymphedema after breast cancer. At the postdoctoral level (FAMERP) she developed her research line with the development and evaluation of a device for lymphokinetic exercise for the treatment of post-cancer breast lymphedema. She is the author of eight books and dozens of articles published in the area of lymphedema treatment.