Godoy Clinic: Godoy & Godoy International School of Lymphatic Therapy Headquartered in São José do Rio Preto São José do Rio Preto / SP, Brazil, the idea of the school appeared five years ago, after the suggestion of international medical colleagues when they visited the Godoy Clinic and witnessed the results obtained using the Godoy Method.

The Godoy Method has emerged over time with the development of new concepts and techniques to treat lymphedema. The objective of the method is the normalization or near normalization of lymphedema at all clinical stages, including stage III (elephantiasis). Thus, it is possible to eradicate elephantiasis over time by interfering with the clinical progression of lymphedema and reducing the more advanced clinical stages.

The main goal of the school is to prepare high quality professionals to use this technique worldwide and replicate our results. Training centers will be stimulated in many countries and on all continents. For this, the school prepares teachers for teaching the Godoy Method giving the conditions to the professionals to use this method correctly.

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