Lymphedema and one of the greatest advances in medicine: reversal of fibrosis The greatest advances in medicine: reversal of fibrosis

Lymphedema and one of the greatest advances in medicine: reversal of fibrosis
Fibrosis is one of the biggest challenges in medicine in these decades where the various causes detected make this challenge more difficult. The inflammatory process is common and results in fibrosis. In lymphedema, inflammation is well documented, as well as the evolution to important fibrotic conditions.
In recent years, Godoy & Godoy, looking for an effective form of treatment that reverses clinical fibrosis in lymphedema, has created new concepts and new forms of treatment that have achieved this goal. Therefore, encompassing the concept of treating a disease that is to revert to standards of normality or near normality. Clinical observation has shown that fibrosis can be reversed, however, to confirm this fact, a histological study is required. High-frequency ultrasonography is a non-invasive exam that allows assessing the evolution of the dermis, but it is not the gold standard, but it confirmed this reversal in the first studies carried out by Godoy & Godoy. These results were presented at the World Congress of Lymphology-Barcelona as early as 2017.
Histology is the gold standard, that is, the one that defines whether or not it has actually reversed fibrosis. The first studies that clearly show this reversal and that will soon be published in the world literature. Thus, identifying and bringing one of the greatest medical advances in recent times. This will change the concept of treating various diseases and allow better results.

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