Prevention and Treatment of Lymphedema After Breast Cancer See below the details of the course of Prevention and Treatment of Lymphedema After Breast Cancer using the Godoy Method

Prevention and Treatment of Lymphedema After Breast Cancer

What is?

In this module is offered an innovative technique of manual lymphatic therapy, mechanical and compression based on current scientific methodology. In addition to an occupational approach aimed at transforming occupational activities associated with compression into a form of lymphatic therapy. A line of research related to lymphokinetic activity and exercises brings important therapeutic suggestions to these patients. However, the method addresses the preventive and therapeutic aspects of breast cancer post-treatment lymphedema in a transdisciplinary view that allows a more humanistic aspect. It discusses and illustrates the therapeutic possibilities in the various situations, but always considering the individual conditions and each therapeutic group. Therefore, it opens new perspectives in the approach of these patients.

Course Objective

Introduce the student in the treatment of lymphedema after breast cancer enabling him to initiate this.

Course Development

A presentation of the method will be made and after addressing the specific topics. It will be hands on theoretical and practical. This module will be divided into levels allowing the student a full training in the area of performance, being able to reach 180 hours or more.

Level II - 16 hours theoretical demonstration

In each module and their respective levels there will be a certification that will be signed by the direction of the school in Brazil and by the teacher ministered in each country. Not being accepted as valid the certification with only signature of the teacher representative. The student can make other modules of the method and the workload will be summed up.


01 - Presentation of the Godoy Method
02 - Micro and macro anatomy applied to manual lymphatic therapy
03 - Physiology applied to lymphatic therapy
04 - Pathophysiology of post-breast lymphoedema
05 - Lymphedema definition, classification and treatment
06 - Types of Breast Surgery
07 - Rehabilitation of lymphoedema after breast cancer
08 - Manual lymphatic therapy upper limbs
09 - Chest lymphatic therapy
10 - Lymphokyoketic exercises in post-cancer breast lymphedema
11 - Lymphokinetic activities in lymphoedema after breast cancer
12-  Compression mechanism for treatment of lymphedema

Materials Offered

Book of the method: Transdisciplinaridade na Reabilitação do Linfedema Pós Cancer de Mama, Godoy MFG, Godoy HJP, Godoy JMP



Demonstrative practice.

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